Friday, July 14, 2017

Currently experimenting with Love2D... again

This is a technology that I played with years ago, in my opinion its a nice hobbyist solution to free game development. I've always enjoyed using LUA regardless of its limitations, and it gives me a chance to look at game algorithms a different way. Additionally, I've kind of grown tired of using Java and LibGDX at home for multiple reasons. My day job involves Java programming (Nothing wrong with that but not really the language I want to play with at home. I've also grown tired of Android studio and find it bulky, LibGDX will always be one of my favorite frameworks, but I want to switch things up to keep it interesting.

The Objective Currently

Since I've developed some small unfinished games on love2d in the past, I have dug up those old projects and I'm going to try to salvage old code (Game Utilities, etc.). The current engine I've been developing so far is basically a port of the Engine I was working on previously. The code so far appears to be porting nicely. Perhaps I'll get the port of the Engine working within the next couple of weeks.