Tuesday, October 11, 2016

State of the Engine

Well can't really say I've been working non stop on this. I'm basically starting out with the base of the original gulag engine and will add more advanced physics and stuff. For now I just have a simple map with some boxes dropping. I really wish I had more to show. Oh well....

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Some More Gulag Prototype Images

This is probably the earliest incarnation of Gulag. The original art of the main character along with the original tileset. At the time I just wanted to make a small platformer game example. The original game was first started using the Love2D engine. I then discovered libGDX and then decided to go with that.

Notice how I made a torch sprite, you can see I wanted this to be similar to Castlevania.

Prototype Graphics (Just for fun)

I've been kind of tossing around the idea of using my existing 2d engine for some small projects while I figure out what my next engine will be. Still not sure if it will happen but I've started with some cool castlevania inspired characters.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Small Update / 3D Game Programming

A side project of mine has been dedicated to understanding the core concepts of 3D programming. Basically what I've been doing is refreshing myself on the C language and pulling apart quake source code. Keep in mind that this probably wont be involved in my next game but so far I am enjoying the challenge.

As far as Gulag goes, I'm debating on making a version for the Nvidia Shield TV and have been looking over some of the google services api to make that possible. There are some roadblocks involved in that project, so it really depends on how distracted I get with other things as well. I like my little game engine but it definitely needs some TLC if I want to develop another game from its source.

Monday, February 15, 2016

FireTV Version Finished

I managed to submit the FireTV version of Gulag, now I think its time to retire this engine and work on another project!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Project Plans

So far there is a couple plans for future projects and some other Gulag related stuff.

I am currently working on a Gulag build for the amazon kindle fire TV. To my surprise, it's running smoothly on both the kindle fire TV console and TV stick :)

Additionally I had plans for the Nvidia shield but for some reason I am running into trouble using libgdx on the device. Still scratching my head about that one.

And finally I think that I will start a short fun little project that will use the engine I built. And then I will begin to make my engine more modern and less clunky.