Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why MicroConsoles?

I must say I enjoy programming on these micro consoles such as the Kindle fire TV and the Ouya. The most attractive aspect of micro consoles is the fact that they are very low spec consoles. During the early years of the game industry it was almost essential to develop games on as many platforms as possible. These days it seems that computers have advanced so much that even the lowest end of PCs with a basic graphics card can handle most common games. With the advancement of "off the shelf development kits" games are becoming very elementary to create. When you look at the original specs of Doom and even check out the source code, the developer of that game optimized the shit out of it to make sure it ran as fast as possible.

These days it seems like even the laziest development practices will provide decent results. However, this usually doesn't apply to micro consoles (which is the point I'm trying to make). Games are still challenging to make on micro consoles due to limited resources. I find this absolutely fascinating and want to see how I can make my game run as smoothly as possible. What I may do eventually is try to use less of the framework (such as LibGDX) and work on optimizing my own code. I enjoy programming and making things run fast, so this is why I love programming on Micro Consoles!

Just thought I would share

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